We request residents to adhere to the fact that setting off fireworks in Amberfield Manor Estate is against the rules of the estate.

11.1. It is an offence to discharge fire arms, including air-and pellet-guns of any description on the Estate for any other purpose than self-defense. The Board may lay criminal charges against perpetrators of this rule, where evidence of the incident is available.
11.2. Setting-off fireworks of any form or for any reason is strictly prohibited at any time.

Further to the above it is also against the law to set off fireworks in Tshwane without written permission from the Chief Fire Officer and we request that residents not adhering to the law or estate rules be reported to the following authorities in the snippet below:

The Fire Brigade warns that any person who discharges any firework within the area of jurisdiction of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and any person who permits any fireworks to be discharged on any premises without the written permission of the Chief Fire Officer will be guilty of an offence and will be duly prosecuted.
Complaints regarding fireworks can be reported to the following numbers:
(a) Metro Police at 012 358 7095/6 for any complaints or disturbance of peace
(b) Fire Brigade at 012 310 6300/6400 in the case of a fire hazard to premises or 012 310 6200 during office hours (08:00 to 16:00)