28.1. The Directors may, in order to enforce the Rules of Conduct –
28.1.1. Notify a Member/Tenant in writing of the non-compliance of a rule(s), require reparation if damages are involved, or settlement of the cost / expenses of the Management for
executing the reparation, or payment of a penalty, within a period that may be determined by the Management; and/or
28.1.2. Refer the matter to the Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS) for adjudication; and
28.1.3. May enforce the finding of CSOS by obtaining an order in a competent Court of Jurisdiction.
28.1.4. Charge penalties on the premise that the amounts of any penalties shall be revised and approved on an annual general meeting of the company, on the premise that the Management shall at all times act in a fair, responsible, transparent and reasonable manner, in enforcing the rules and resolving disputes.