23.1. Wendy houses, tool sheds, jungle gyms, and other self-standing structures may only be erected by the express permission of the Management and shall meet the requirements as stipulated in the architectural guidelines. Any such objects which are not effectively screened, considered by the Management as unsightly or to the detriment of the appearance of the Premises, the Member shall be required to immediately comply with the request of the Management to remove such objects from his property, or screen it from view.
23.2. The following provisions shall apply when a Member wishes to erect wendy houses, tool sheds, jungle gyms, and other self-standing structures:
23.2.1. If the intended structure/s exceeds and overall height of 1.8 metres from ground level, the application referred to in clause 23.1 above must be accompanied by the adjacent neighbour’s written consent; and
23.2.2. The adjacent neighbour’s written consent will be taken into account by the Management when considering the merits of such an application as referred to in 23.1 above.
23.2.3. The Owner of the Property must ensure that all Municipal rules and regulations are complied with in relation to clauses 23.1 and 23.2 above.