22.1.1. Unless specifically stated otherwise in these Rules of Conduct, the normal statutory traffic laws apply in the Premises and further to this, the following rules shall also apply:
a) A speed limit of 30km/h applies in the Premises.
b) Pedestrians will always have the right of way and may utilize the road as passage.
c) Vehicles must always be operated with the utmost care in the Premises.
d) Vehicles are to be driven in the Estate, on the streets only and not operated off-road on other Estate properties such as communal properties and undeveloped erven, except for estate vehicles or vehicles authorised.
e) Vehicles that, in the opinion of the Estate Manager, produce excessive noise will be prohibited from entering the Premises and/or being operated in the Premises, unless the vehicle is used for construction on undeveloped erven.
f) Un-roadworthy and unlicensed vehicles may not be used on the streets of the Estate.
g) Drivers without a valid driver’s license may not drive on the streets in the Estate.
h) Vehicles may not be left unattended in such a manner that they may cause an obstruction to other road users.
i) Pit bikes, quad bikes, golf-carts, off-road motor bikes are permitted to be operated on the Premises for transport only and not for recreational purposes. The wearing of a helmet is compulsory and all traffic rules must be adhered to.
j) No horse and trailer or articulated delivery vehicles will be allowed on the Premises, irrespective of such vehicle weight and the weight of any vehicle will be limited to (10) (ten) tons (ten thousand kilograms), unless entry is approved by the Estate Office.
21.1.2. Drivers that act/drive in any ruthless, inconsiderate or irresponsible manner will be subject to the imposition of a penalty. In addition to any penalty imposed, Management may
implement appropriate legal actions or legal remedy, if damage to the Premises, property or injuries to people is incurred.


22.2.1. Residents must ensure that their own vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, machinery, bikes of any description and those of their visitors and invitees to the Premises are parked off
street on their property.
22.2.2. Parking on streets, sidewalks and communal property is not permitted. Sidewalk-parking however, permitted for a member’s guests on the sidewalks adjoining the member’s
property. Where additional parking is required for guests, prior permission of neighbours or the Estate Office is required.
22.2.3. Members/Tenants who live in cul-de-sacs may allow their visitors to park on sidewalks in front of their direct neighbour’s Properties, on condition that prior arrangements have
been made with those neighbours and the Estate Office.
22.2.4. Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 22.2.2 – 22.2.4, the flow of traffic may not be restricted by parked vehicles.
22.2.5. Residents will be required to immediately comply with Estate Office requests to remove a vehicle, caravan, boats, machinery or bikes of any description which is parked contrary to
the spirit of the HOA Rules of Conduct or which is causing an obstruction. A penalty for further non-compliance may be charged by the Management.
22.2.6. Vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, machinery, bikes of any description or other items that are parked/stored on or about a member’s property should be, as far as possible,
22.2.7. No parking or storage of any vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, machinery, bikes of any description or other items will be allowed on undeveloped erven, without written approval
from Estate Office.
22.2.8. The Management is under no obligation to provide additional parking facilities for Members / Tenants or their visitors. Should they possess any vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, machinery, bikes of any description, or other items which they are unable to park/store on their Property they are required to make alternative arrangements for parking/storage outside the Premises.