2.1. ‘Access Control’ means any mechanism by which a system grants or revokes the right to admission to the Premises.
2.2. ‘Association’ means the Homeowner’s Association (HOA /Huiseienaarsvereniging (HEV);
2.3. “Common Property’ means all open spaces, which is not a Conservation Area and any common property as defined in Section 1 of the Sectional Titles Act, Act No. 95 of 1986.
2.4. ‘Conservation Area/s’ means all open spaces, which is not Common Property and where entry is prohibited.
2.5. ‘Construction Contractor’ means a person/business who is associated with the building and /or construction in and around houses or (erfs) erven (i.e., builders or other workers making use of loud machinery and causing excessive noise or who are involved in construction, roof repair, or any other major works to any building) or large scale garden services (e.g. landscaping, large tree removal etc, comprising of more than 1 person as service provider) in and on the Premises.
2.6. ‘Employee’ means any person/ business who is either a domestic worker working in the household of a Member or Tenant, or a person/ business who is associated with maintenance services in and around the houses or erfs (i.e. garden services, painting, electricians, plumbers), who does not qualify as Construction Contractors and are registered at the security room at the Estate Office.
2.7. ‘Estate Agent’ means an agent as defined under Section 1 of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, Act No. 112 of 1976 (as amended) and includes agents who lease or sell Properties.
2.8. ‘Estate Manager’ means the manager who has been delegated certain day to day functions by the board of the Company, as appointed from time to time.
2.9. ‘Estate Office’ means the building at the entrance of the Premises, at the back of the security office, where the Estate Manager works.
2.10. ‘HOA’ means the company, Amberfield Manor Huiseienaarsvereniging, being a non-profit company, registered in accordance the Companies Act, Act No. 61 of 1973 and Act No. 71 of 2008 or any amendment or replacement thereof.
2.11. ‘Invitee’ means any person, being a family member, tenant and their visitors, Member’s visitors, employees, contractors, agents, which can be reasonably associated with the registered Member.
2.12. ‘Management’ means the Board of Directors appointed by Members of the HOA from time to time whose powers and or functions may be delegated to an Estate Manager from time to time.
2.13. ‘Member/Owner’ means a registered owner of vacant land, a stand or an erf in/on the Premises. In these Rules of Conduct, the words Member and Owner are used concomitantly and shall have the same meaning.
2.14. ‘Property’ means buildings and or land owned by a Member or the HOA and shall be applicable to either the Member or the HOA based on the context each time the word property is used.
2.15. ‘Premises’ means the properties comprising of full title and sectional title properties that fall under the management of the HOA.
2.16. ‘Tenant’ means a person who has the legal right to occupy Property on the Premises as specified in a lease agreement or any other written confirmation provided to the Estate Office by the Owner.

Words indicating the singular include the plural and vice versa .
Words indicating the masculine include the other gender.
Words indicating persons include Bodies Corporate.