19.1. Each resident is required to have a standard municipal approved household refuse bin. The refuse bin’s placement on the Property should not be visible from the street. Application forms for municipal refuse bins are available at the Estate Office but remains the responsibility of the Member.
19.2. To avoid proliferation of flies and animal pilferage, no refuse bags are allowed to be placed on the ground around the bin. If the volume of refuse exceeds the capacity of a single bin, the resident must acquire an extra bin. Refuse bins are required to be placed on sidewalks, driveways or designated collection points preferably, only on the day of refuse collection by the Municipality and must be removed from the sidewalks, driveways or designated collections points on the same day after the bins were emptied.
19.3. Should refuse not be collected by the Municipality on the designated day, the bins may be left on the collection point until collected by the Municipality. If refuse bins are found on communal property within a reasonable period after the collection cycle, the Member will be notified to remedy the situation.
19.4. Residents, who will be away from the Premises on collection day, should make arrangements with the Estate Office to leave refuse bins on an agreed place.