15.1. Notwithstanding the fact that the wall and the electric fence is forming part of their properties, Members are not permitted to plant trees and/or shrubs at a distance from the Premises perimeter wall that may cause the adult plant, shrub or tree to interfere with the maintenance of the wall and could interfere with the functioning of the electric fence.
15.2. No person may damage or remove any part of the security perimeter wall, fence or equipment.
15.3. No attachments may be made to the security wall or fence without the prior written approval of the Management.
15.4. No signage whatsoever may be erected against or on top of the security wall or fence.
15.5. The wall and fence are the property of the HOA and Management reserves the right to prune or remove obstructing trees, shrubs and attachments and may charge the cost thereof to the Member’s levy account.