Dear Members/Residents,

The final stretch of the year is here, and from the Office and Security team we would like to share some thoughts and security tips to stay safe this Festive Season.

For the safety of the Children they must please play in the playpark and avoid playing in the streets. No children can play at the circles, main gate or in the protected areas.

Residents/Members, we urge you to ensure that visitors abide by the Estate road rules. Speeding in the Estate is a big problem. For the safety of everyone please keep to the 30kph. speed limit, and be aware of children, pedestrians and wildlife.

Our guards are even more vigilant this time of year. Ensure that the rules are followed and all visitors, contractors, day workers, domestic and gardeners follow the correct procedures for entering the Estate. No Identification, No entry. Residents/Members please don’t drive workers into the Estate without registering or signing in at the security office. (See Estate Rules of Conduct Paragraph 20 Security).

It is also noticed that when entering the estate, children are hanging out of sunroofs, windows or sitting on the lap of parents. This behaviour is strongly discouraged. (See Estate Rules of Conduct Paragraph 22 Street usage, parking and storage) Please remember that the normal Statutory Traffic Laws apply inside the Estate.

Please keep in mind that the Estate Rules were made by Members/Residents and are in place for the security of all our Resident/Members. Please help the Estate office by following these rules to make the Estate as safe as possible! If you are not in possession of Estate Rules, please contact the Estate office for a copy.

Our Security team at EBS have the following message for our resident.


Learners are in the final stages of ending another school year, and businesses are stepping up on stock, as the Christmas rush is about to start. Slowly, but surely, crime tendencies start to change to the familiar “end-of-year” trend, and in the law enforcement and security circles, festive season contingency plans are finalized.

Unfortunately, criminals have set a new trend. Several cases of hijackings and robberies in front of residential security estates were recently reported in Gauteng. Criminals have targeted residents leaving from or returning to estates and hijacked them a few meters from the gates, if not right in front of the gates. The reality is that people relax and become less and less alert the closer they get to home. Don’t think that just because there is a security guard at the gate that you can become complacent.

We urge residents to communicate the below information to all members of their household. It is necessary to increase vigilance as it is common knowledge that criminals are more active this time of year, leading up to the Festive Season.

It has become increasingly difficult to steal motor vehicles, with all the anti-theft devices, such as immobilizers, gear-locks, etc. These steps have resulted in a dramatic increase in vehicle hijackings. The hijacker has the element of surprise and this is a concern. This is easy earned money and the already well-established syndicates will buy these vehicles from the hijacker. Vehicle hijacking is an organized business, run according to business principles and based on thorough planning. Specific vehicles with specific characteristics are ordered beforehand and efforts have to be made to meet the requirements of such orders. These vehicles will then be resold to the already predetermined buyer.

The hijacked vehicles that are not sold to buyers in South Africa, will be smuggled out of the country. These vehicles will be sold in our neighboring countries or trade, exchanged for drugs.

It is obvious that vehicle hijackers are motivated by greed and an insatiable need for more and more comfort, rather than need. An insatiable hunger for power is another theme emerging in robbers. The power-base for the latter is presented by the access to firearms. Possession of a firearm forces everybody to obey or else face the consequences.

Days of the week and times when hijackings occur

Analysis indicates that hijackings occur every day of the week, reaching a high on Fridays due to motorists being more relaxed and traffic increasing earlier on a Friday. Weekends show a lower hijacking rate due to syndicates checking their stock and placing orders on Mondays as well as the fact that there are fewer vehicles on the road. This also explains why Tuesdays and Wednesdays show more hijackings. Hijackings are low during the night and early hours of the morning, and start increasing at 06h00 due to motorists leaving home for work and stabilizes throughout the day. A drastic increase occurs from 17h00 in the afternoon due to motorists heading home.

Weapons used during hijackings

In the majority of vehicle hijackings, firearms were used to commit the crime. Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal reported the highest incidence of vehicle hijacking. The circulation of illegal firearms in South Africa is disturbing and has to have a direct influence on the increase of vehicle hijackings and violent crime in general in South Africa. The analysis indicates that firearms most used are pistols and revolvers.


Modus operandi used by hijackers

 Most hijackings take place in the driveways of residential areas as well as per recent reports of hijackings taking place in the drive ways leading into residential estates, whilst the vehicle is stationed or slows down.


Approaching and entering your driveway / estate entrance

 Be extra alert – especially 2km from your house / estate. Switch off the car radio and concentrate on your surroundings.

 Check the driveway and street before you leave or enter your premises / estate.

 Be aware of vehicles parked close by with occupants inside. It might be perpetrators observing the area.

 If approached by a stranger while in your vehicle, drive off if possible or use your hooter to attract attention.

 Lock your doors, close your windows and do not have bags or briefcases visible in the vehicle. Use the boot for this.    Cell phones should also not be visible.

 Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious looking characters/ vehicles. Do not hesitate to report such to security at the estate entrance and or to the SAPS.

 Always be on alert for potential danger, be on the lookout for possible escape routes and safe refuge along the way.

 Make sure you are not followed. If you suspect you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station or any busy public area.


One very important fact to remember when being hijacked

Should the conclusion of the drama be by way of armed intervention, and escape is not possible, immediately drop to the ground, remain still and obey the orders of the leader.

If confronted

 Do not lose your temper, threaten or challenge the hijacker.


 Do not resist, especially if the hijacker has a weapon. Surrender your vehicle and move away. Try to put as much distance between yourself and the hijacker(s) as speedily as possible.

 Do not reach for your purse or valuables. Leave everything in the vehicle.

 Try to remain calm at all times and do not show signs of aggression. Be compliant to all demands set by the perpetrator.

 Do not make eye contact with the hijacker. He may perceive this behaviour as a threat and retaliate aggressively.

 Keep your hands still and visible to the hijacker, so as to give him assurance of your passive content.

 Do not speak too fast (if you are able to talk) and do not make sudden movements.

 Gather as much information as possible without posing a threat.

 How many people? How many firearms and description thereof?

 What were the perpetrators wearing (clothing)? To which direction did they drive off?

 Take note of the language they use (the accent).

 Activate the vehicle-tracking device, if the vehicle is fitted with one.




Zandra Mare

Director: Business

Development EBS Security (Pty) Ltd