The following persons were unanimously elected as Directors of the Amberfield Manor Homeowners Association at the Annual General Meeting held on 19 November 2015:
Mr. S A Louw, Mr. J H J Engelbreg, Prof H J Oosthuizen, Mr. J W Swart and Mr. H S Greeff.

Community Schemes Ombud Service

In the Government Gazette of 14 June 201, Act no.9 of 2011, titled “Community Schemes Ombud Service” was published for general information. This Act is to provide for the establishment of the Community Scheme Ombud Service with the purpose of providing for a dispute resolution mechanism in community schemes and matters connected therewith. This Service is also applicable to Estates with Homeowners Associations. Disputes between the Management and Residents in Estates will be resolved by the Office of the Ombud; costly legal actions will thus no longer be necessary.

The funding of the Office of the Ombud will be partly by Central Government, and partly by levies to be paid by owners of property in the Estate. According to Regulations published in Government Notice no. 908, dated 2 October 2015, these levies will be based on the municipal valuation of properties. The scale of the proposed monthly levies ranges from R 25-50 on a property valued at R 1 000 000, to a maximum of R 68-00 for properties valued at R 2 250 000 and above.

The implementation date of this Scheme has not been decided yet, but is imminent. A further stipulation of the Act is that community schemes will be required to maintain a reserve of 25% of their levies, the purpose being to provide for funding in cases where maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances is required. The raising of special levies for specific purposes will therefore become obsolete.

Our Board of Directors has for a number of years already included an amount in the monthly levy to make provision for future projects and maintenance.

Sealing of streets

As the Residents of this Estate are the owners of the streets in the Estate, we have to maintain them with our funds. Provision has been made for this purpose; it is nowessential to seal all streets and this will be done early in 2016. As mentioned in the previous Newsletter, it will unfortunately cause some discomfort for residents, but this cannot be changed. The cooperation of every Resident is essential to ensure the proper completion of the work. The estimated cost is R 1 300 000, but the funding is available from our reserves.

Wall and Store Room

The proposed building of a proper store room has been delayed by a number of problems with the Municipality in obtaining approval of the plans. Initially, after submitting the plans, it was rejected because provision for proper ablution facilities for the workers had to be incorporated. It would have been too costly to link the sewer from the proposed stand (3640, on the Eastern side of the entrance gate where the Wendy house is currently). It was decided to utilize stand 3637 (on the Western side). The numerous documents to be submitted were altered accordingly, but returned by the municipality – new unaltered documents were required. When this reached them, there was a problem with the zoning of the stand. Members will remember the rezoning that took place earlier this year. The plans with the required documentation were submitted, and approval is awaited.


After 3 years and 3 months without a breach of our security, a burglary took place after the criminal(s) gained entry through the electric fence by a very ingenious way. The electric fence was immediately upgraded with trigger systems to prevent any kind of disturbance going undetected in future.

Biometric system

A bio-metric system, based on fingerprints, has been installed. This was done to further strengthen our security.


  • It is not necessary to have any tag or remote in possession to enter or exit the Estate, since a fingerprint is used.
  • Only the person, whose fingerprint is stored in the system, can gain access to the Estate. It is not possible to let any unauthorized person enter – with the previous system, a tag could be given to anybody to enter without the necessary control (so-called tag switching).
  • Accurate data as to who has entered or left the Estate is thus available. Should any incident occur, this record can be used to identify possible perpetrators.

Enrolment process

Residents, domestic workers and gardeners should present themselves to the Estate Office with the completed forms. The process of registration is quick and without hassles. The Estate Office will be manned until 18:30 Mondays to Thursdays until the 15th December for this purpose. The cut-off date for registration is the end of February 2016, after which date all remaining tags and remotes will be deactivated.

Frequent visitors will have to register with their fingerprints. The status quo will apply to non-frequent visitors.

Contractors will likewise be registered upon entry to the Estate. The procedure for visitors is set out below. The reason for having to complete the forms distributed previously is simply to ensure that the details of Residents are up to date.


As explained in the circular sent out previously, there will be no cost to register for Residents in possession of tags and/or remotes.

Speed humps

The damaged speed humps in Temple Tree Ave. have been replaced by permanent tarred humps. The remainder of these humps will be replaced gradually in future by tarred humps as funds become available and the current ones deteriorate.

Season’s Greetings

Since this is this final newsletter of 2015, the Directors and employees of the HOA wishes everyone a hearty festive season; and for those leaving on holiday, a safe drive and pleasant vacation.