Welcome to all the new owners in our beautiful Estate, and a big hello to all the residents.

Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting October 2016:

Mr. SA Louw, Mr. JHJ Engelbreg, Mr. JW Swart and Mr. BJ Posthumus.

Our Estate Manager: Mr Paul Burger, Admin officer: Debbie Heunis


Annual General Meeting 2017

The next AGM will take place in October/November this year. The date will be set and communicated to all residents. Please keep this in mind, if you want to know what is happening in your Estate the AGM is the place to be.

GOOD NEWS!! Fibre finally

Residents are welcome to visit a Telkom Shop to apply for a fibre connection.

Residents is not obligated to do a connection through Telkom, but can choose to use a service provider of their choice.

Biometric System

Please don’t open for anyone but yourself with your biometric access. If someone driving the car is not registered to open with his finger he should follow the normal visitor procedure of being phoned in to the stand, even if the resident is a passenger in the vehicle.


Our Security employees goes through constant security and skill improvement training. Please keep to the Rules and Regulations of our Estate. We have a reputation of having the strictest security rules, and are proud of that reputation, as it enables us to keep our residents safe.

Abel (middle) the head of security say: ‘it makes my day when residents smile and wave at me’.

Road Project

It is now essential to fill the cracks in our streets. This project will happen in the following months.

We will keep you up to date, and will ask for your understanding as this can cause some discomfort.

Last thought: Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill