1. An Environmental Conservation Management Plan exists for Amberfield Manor and has been approved by the authorities.
2. Erven 3636, 3637, 3640 – 3643, 3645 – 3650 are considered “no-go” areas as these areas are environmental sensitive and have been demarcated..
3. Compliance by everyone to the requirements of the Management Plan will be monitored by officials from Department Agriculture, Conservation and Environment. Heavy fines could be issued to persons not complying to the requirements. The following must be complied to:
a) These areas may not be entered;
b) No dumping of any material whatsoever is permitted;
c) No fires may be started;
d) Removal or damage to vegetation is prohibited
e) The ground surface or soil may not be disturbed;
f) Erosion may not be created; and
g) Driving vehicles or heavy duty machines on the protected areas are not allowed.
4. The Park erven 3638, 3639 and 3644 are protected areas