4.b.1. A Member must ensure that all members of her or his family and her or his tenants, boarders, visitors, employees, building contractors, subcontractors, service providers and delivery persons to her or his property comply with these Rules, notwithstanding any contrary provision contained in a lease or Grant of rights of occupancy;
4.b.2. If an Owner sells or lets her or his property or any part thereof, she or he must ensure that the buyer, tenant or boarder is provided with a copy of these Rules.
4.b.3. An Owner may not use her or his property or any part of the Private Open Spaces or Common Facilities, or permit it to be used, in a manner or for a purpose that will cause a nuisance or create a disturbance or that will be injurious to the reputation of the Estate.
4.b.4. Private Open Spaces and Common Facilities may not be damaged in any way.
4.b.5. Litter may not be strewn on Private Open Spaces or in Common Facilities, but must be placed in the litter bins were these are provided.
4.b.6. After having received reasonable notice from the Estate Manager, an Owner must allow a person authorised thereto by the Estate Manager, to enter upon her or his Erf to:
4.b.6.1.prune trees, shrubs and plants which interfere with the proper functioning of the security system; or
4.b.6.2. repair or carry out maintenance of any pipes, wires, cables and ducts existing on the
Erf concerned and being used or capable of being used in connection with any Private Open Space or common facility, including the security system;
4.b.6.3. Remove trees, shrubs and plants that obscure the view of motorists causing a traffic hazard.