29.1. The directors may, in order to enforce the rules, –
29.1.1. Notify a member in writing of the non-compliance of the rule, require reparation if damages is involved, or settlement of the cost / expenses of the Estate for executing the reparation, or payment of a fine, within a period that may be determined by the directors;
29.1.2. Take the necessary action, including legal action, as they deem necessary to enforce the reparation of any breach of a rule or to recover damages to the company from a member and the member involved may be billed to pay the costs incurred in the process and or:
29.1.3. Charge fines and other penalties on the premise that the amounts of any fines shall be revised and approved on a (every annual) general meeting of the company, on the premise that the directors shall at all times act in a fair, responsible, transparent and reasonable manner, in enforcing the rules and resolving disputes.
29.2. A member may appeal against a decision of the Board, –
29.2.1. against the member being guilty of non-compliance of a rule,
29.2.2. against any action to enforce reparation or recover damages;
29.2.3. against fines and any other penalties charged.