26.1. In an event of disputes between members / residents arising from annoyance or nuisance the involved parties should attempt to settle the matter between themselves, exercising tolerance and consideration. Members may report perpetrators to the respective authority (SAPS) and to the Estate Office.
26.2. Any complaints or concerns regarding Estate security should be lodged with the Estate or Security office. This way, matters are noted and communicated for actions and resolutions.
26.3. A Member, who wishes to register a complaint with, or to bring another matter to the attention of the Board must do so in writing addressed to the Estate Manager and marked for the attention of the Chairperson: AM HOA. The complaint will be managed in the following way:
26.3.1. Complaints have to be investigated by the Directors / Estate Manager, in consultation with the property owner, and any relevant aggrieved member/s, and the facts be available for the Board to make a decision;
26.3.2. A matter so raised must be included in the agenda of the next ensuing Board Meeting;
26.3.3. The Board may decide to let the matter stand over to another meeting to allow its members reasonable time to acquaint themselves adequately with the detail of the matter to be able to take an informed decision on it;
26.3.4. The Board may in its sole discretion allow the owner concerned an opportunity to address it on the matter if it requires further clarification to enable it to deal with the matter; 26.3.5. The Board may in its sole discretion designate one or more of its members to meet with the member concerned on the matter raised and dispose of it or to report its finding and advise, if any, to the Board; and
26.3.6. Communicate back to the member will be via the Estate Manager;
26.4. A member who is dissatisfied with the procedure followed by the Board in processing a matter raised by him/her or with its discretion on the matter, may –
26.4.1. Refer the matter to his/her own legal representative of own choosing at his/her own cost;
26.4.2. Refer the matter for Arbitration in which case the provisions of Clause 27.5 shall apply or may refer the matter to the Community Schemes Ombud when the Ombud’s Services are operational.