‘Casual Worker’ means a worker not permanently engaged by one resident but for a single day or relative short period and registered at the security room of the Estate for that day only.
‘Contractor’ means a person / business who is associated with the building and / or construction and or / maintenance in and around houses or (erfs) erven (i.e. builders, electricians, plumbers and painters).
‘Domestic Worker’ means a worker permanently engaged for 24 hours or more per month by a resident and registered at the Estate office to enter the Estate at regular agreed days and times.
‘Estate Agent’ means an agent as defined under Section 1 of the Estate Agency Affairs Act, 1976.
‘HOA’ means the company Amberfield Manor Huiseienaarsvereniging registered in accordance with section 21 of the Companies Act 1973, Act 61 of 1973 or any amendment or replacement thereof.
‘Invitee’ means any person, being a family member, tenant and their visitors, member’s visitors, employees, contractors, agents, which can be reasonably associated with the registered member.
‘Management’ means the Board of Directors appointed by members of the HOA from time to time whose powers and or functions may be delegated to an Estate Manager from time to time.
‘Member / Owner’ means a registered owner of vacant land, a stand or an erf in Amberfield Manor Estate. In these rules, the words member and owner are used concomitantly and shall have the same meaning.
‘Property’ means buildings and or land owned by a member or Amberfield Manor HOA and shall be applicable to either the member or the HOA based on the context each time the word property is used.
‘Resident’ means a member / tenant having the legal right to occupy a house on the Estate, whether by virtue of ownership of his property or by virtue of a valid lease agreement.
‘Tenant’ means a person who has the legal right to occupy a house on the Estate as specified in a lease.
agreement or any other written confirmation provided to the Estate office by the owner.
‘the Board’ means the Board of Directors of the Amberfield Manor Huiseienaarsvereniging (Registration number 2005/023596/08) incorporated in accordance with Section 21 of the Companies Act 1973, Act 61 of 1973 or any amendment or replacement thereof.

Words indicating the singular include the plural and vice versa.
Words indicating the masculine include the other gender.
Words indicating persons include Bodies Corporate.