16.1. Members / residents are not permitted to keep more than two (2) dogs and / or two (2) cats on their properties.
16.2. For protection and identification, all dogs and cats when outside the erf, must wear a collar with a tag indicating the owner’s name and contact details.
16.3. Animals must at all times be under the control of the member / resident. Boundary walls must be of such a nature to contain the animal / pet.
16.4. Members / residents keeping animal/s or pet/s should ensure that the animal / pet is of a nature that it does not cause a disturbance or threat to their neighbours.
16.5. Pet owners must ensure that their pets are not causing a disturbance / nuisance to the neighbourhood. Pets roaming the Estate may be deemed as stray, if not collared and tagged with
the owner’s details and may be removed from the Estate to prevent them from becoming a nuisance to the community and the environment.
16.6. Dogs outside erven must be leashed and controlled at all times. Owners of dogs are not allowed to walk their dogs on environmental protected areas and undeveloped erven. The removal of any excrement deposited by any pets outside the erven is the immediate and sole responsibility of the owner of the pet to dispose of such excrement. Any such excrement may not be disposed of on the sidewalks, streets, protected areas and undeveloped erven.
16.7. Cats are natural predators and are difficult to control. To avoid disturbance and degradation of wildlife on the Estate, it is compulsory for cats to wear at all times a mechanical bell or a similar device producing effective amplification to alarm wildlife when approached.
16.8. The HOA reserves the right to demand from owners of a particular pet, to remove the pet from the Estate, should the pet in the view of or judgement of the Directors / Management become a
nuisance to the Estate members.