Phase One: Berkheya Crescent and the three Cul de Sacs, Janel’s Place and Lalaphanzi: Monday 29 February, Tuesday 1 March 2016 with possible overflow to Wednesday 2 March 2016.
Berkheya Crescent might be a one way street for a day, there will be someone to assist with this.

Phase Two: Oranje Jasmyn Place, Black Wattle Crescent and the three Cul de Sacs: Wednesday 2 March 2016, Thursday 3 March 2016 with possible overflow to Friday 4 March 2016.
Oranje Jasmyn Place and Black Wattle Crescent might be a one way street for a day, there will be someone to assist with this.

Phase Three: Nama Corkwood Crescent and all its Cul de Sacs (14): Monday 7 March 2016, Tuesday 8 March 2016 , Wednesday 9 March 2016 with a possible overflow to Thursday 10 March 2016.
Nama Corkwood Crescent might be a one way street for a day, there will be someone to assist with this.

The Entrance and the exit to the Estate will be done on a basis of one or two lanes on one day and the other lane(s) the next day. This might slow down the Entry/Exit to the Estate.
Rain might have an effect on the process and then it will possibly take a day or two longer to complete the re-sealing.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this period.

Despite the attempts by the Estate to seal road cracks, further deterioration has become evident. The HOA Board of Directors has decided to have all our roads re-sealed as soon as possible.

SP 2000, the appointed Contractor, has scheduled the work to be performed during the period 29 February, 2016 to 11 March, 2016 and the Board has accepted these dates. Due to the poor condition of the top layer some patch work has to be done at a few places. The date for this has been set for the week prior to the commencement of the sealing phase.

Management will communicate individually with Owners/Residents/Tenants that are affected in this case.

During the sealing phase 29 February, 2016 to 11 March, 2016 it will be necessary to close the Cull-de-Sac Streets on certain days as SP2000 will perform work on these streets until fully completed as they are too narrow to accommodate 2- way traffic. ALL cars in the effected Cull de Sacs will have to be OUT of the street by 07h00, special parking in the green areas will be provided during the day. Vehicles will only be able to be returned to their homes after 17h00 as it takes several hours for the sealer to set/dry before traffic be allowed on it. Only 5 to 6 Cull de Sacs are schedules to be completed during the day.


Residents must please take note that levies are payable, in advance,  on the first day of the month.  We allow a grace period  for payments to come through until the 7th of the month. Should payment not have been received  by the 7th of the month when we get a listing as at the 10th of the month we shall have no other option as to de-activate the security discs. This is in accordance with the Estate Rules of Conduct.

Of late our arrear levies are increasing and every month we must send reminders for payment.  The Estate cannot be run properly if our levy funds do not come in on time as we have to make payment to all our creditors on or before a certain date.

The Board of Amberfield Manor HOA has decided to re-seal all our roads in the Estate. We shall have to partly close the following roads that will affect the Owners/Residents/Tenants of Oranje Jasmyn Place and Berkheya Crescent.

Berkheya Crescent will on certain days be a one-way street, Owners/Residents/Tenants will be advised of these dates.

The contractor, SP 2000, will on one day do the sealing on one side of these roads and the next day on the other side. The drying off and setting of the sealant will take approximately 6(Six) hours.

Amberfield Manor Estate will provide ample parking in the Green Areas as all cars must be out of your Estate by 7h00 in the morning and might have to stay outside for the night, Amberfield Manor Estate will provide Security Guards during this period on a 24 hour basis.


On 23 September 2015 there was a house robbery at +-04:45 at a resident of Amberfield Manor, various items were stolen. The perpetrators gained access to the estate via the western perimeter, the electric fence was in full working order, entry was gained in such a way not to trigger any alarms.

Entry to the victim’s house was gained through an unlocked sliding door, there was no forceful entry and no one was harmed in the incident.

We urge resident to be extra vigilant and take the following precautions:

  1. Ensure doors are locked to your property.
  2. Ensure your alarms is in good working order and switched on.
  3. Report any suspicious persons/activities to the security office.
  4. In case of emergency EBS control room can be contacted on 012 667 4990

Estate management is investigating additional security measures in the form of additional patrols as well as trigger loops on the perimeter electric fence.

With regards to the confusion regarding our Zimbwean gardeners and domestic workers ZSP permits, the following letter came from Department Home Affairs, and we (the Amberfield Manor Estate staff) will follow the instructions.


As mentioned in previous newsletters and during the Chairman's report at the AGM in November 2014, the only way to make progress with the building of the store room, is to rezone the stand on which it is to be erected. The Directors decided, in the interest of all residents, that in order to preserve the future of the green areas as open spaces, these be included in the rezoning exercise.

This implies that no building, gym, tennis court or whatever may be constructed in the green areas. The notices at the traffic circle in the Estate pertain to this action. The stand numbers appearing on these notices are those of the green areas, and thus the rezoning has no implication for residents other than that indicated above.